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Welcome to my world of hair. I have been cultivating this business adventure in my spirit for some time, but only in God's time do things come to fruition. As an African American woman, I have invested an enormous amount of money in maintaining my crown. Black women typically chemically alter their hair for a myriad of reasons. Some do it for the look, some do it for social reasons, and others do it for professional reasons. There is a huge misconception that naturally curly or coily hair is hard to manage. But that is simply not the truth. I had to learn that highly textured hair is very unique, even from looser, naturally curly textures. Any type of hair is hard to manage if it is being managed in such a way that works against its natural state. There was a time when we embraced the natural state of our hair because of political reasons. I hope to instill a self awareness that goes beyond a political statement to just and expression of self. We, at Hair I Am Natural Hair Care Salon, are more than stylists. We make it our business to educate you on the proper maintenance of the style as well as the health of the hair.

Hair I Am Natural Hair Care was designed to improve the quality of our client's hair. We provide a relaxing professional atmosphere with first class service at one of the best hair salons in Fayettteville NC. The salon provides the ultimate experience for anyone fighting with naturally curly or coiled hair with smoothing treatments, braids, extensions, natural hair care, weaves and locs. We are one of the top hair salons in Fayetteville NC because of our understanding of African American hair and the care that we put into each client. Our services go beyond style and cut. We want you to truly feel satisfied with your experience and even gain a better understanding of natural hair therapy and products.

Our stylists have worked in this industry for many years. We understand that many women treat their hair chemically for a variety of different reasons. There can be misconceptions about naturally curly or coiled hair, but it's not hard to manage. In fact, we have helped many of our clients see how easy it is to maintain their crown's health and create beautiful hair with natural products and treatments. We work with naturally curly hair and know how unique it can be, but there is always a way to manage it and work with its natural state for a stunning look.

Hair I Am continues to be the one of the only hair salons in Fayetteville NC with a different outlook on hair care. We focus on the royal treatment of your beautiful hair at the best hair salon in Fayetteville NC but also gorgeous style. We prize your hair as much as you do.

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